Quality and Customization: Getting the Most Out of Your Formal Footwear

Quality and Customization: Getting the Most Out of Your Formal Footwear

Customization is key. And, in this day-and-age, customization is imperative. If you’re not offering a product that enables customers to put their own unique stamp on their consumable goods, you’re missing the mark.

This can be seen in full-force throughout the formal footwear and accessories industry. From prom, to weddings, to general nights out on the town, consumers are looking to stand out, and in the spirit of weddings, they’re looking for a way to minimize headaches and stress related to finding “the perfect shoe” or, a suite of shoes that tie together a wedding party.

In a recent poll, The Knot found that 64% of couples made claim that in planning for their wedding, personalization of the event is key as customizing the elements of the day is a true reflection of their unique tastes.

For the bride, one such element is the shoes – an accessory to the dress. Many wedding parties strategically plan to “match,” which can be hard to accomplish due to myriad logistics. Bridesmaids live in different states, look for different heel heights and demand certain features for optimal comfort.  The stress of trying to match is a reality and applies to other occasions- proms, graduations, nights out – when we’re dressing to impress, a lot of thought is put into the details.

We at Benjamin Walk aim to take the stress out of “special day” shoe purchases by making “matching” simple with our dyeable satin material. Benjamin Walk has vast selection of unique styles made with a white satin material that can be dyed any color to match unique needs of your special event.  This assortment of footwear styles will meet any design fit, and price range a customer a customer desires. On top of our vast array of footwear designs, we also offer unlimited color matching capabilities for dyeable styles including our general color palette of 60 trending colors. It’s as simple as finding the best style and picking your ideal color. We handle the rest.

With nearly 100 styles to choose from spread out amongst our unique designer lines, there’s nothing that can’t be accomplished when it comes to your formal footwear needs. Our lines include:

Prom season is upon us.

Wedding season always seems to be in full swing.

Friday and Saturday nights are a weekly occurrence.

Make your mark on any and all of these. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to talk shoes, we’re here to walk you through anything.

Benjamin Walk: A Step Ahead.

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