Who says style needs to hurt?

Who says style needs to hurt?

Our Comfort Collection® line here at Benjamin Walk (part of our Dyeables® suite of products) offers high fashion while maintaining maximum comfort.

With dozens of styles and color options to choose from, along with wide width availability, the Comfort Collection® line has something for everyone. From brides, members of the bridal party, or mothers of the wedding party, to those getting ready for prom or any formal occasion – if you’re looking to leave a memorable impression on both those in the room, and those feet physically gracing the shoes – we’ve got just what you’re after.

The Comfort Collection® features dense memory foam, padded insoles, and flexible rubber soles for exceptional cushioning and shock absorbency. It’s like walking on a cloud. Not only that, but we offer many Comfort Collection® in dyeable white satin material allowing a customer to choose a customize color.

Forbes Magazine recently published an article (How To Find Comfortable Shoes That Don’t Compromise Style) that made the claim, “…very few women consider shoes simply protection from the elements. Instead, they are jewelry for the feet or a form of personal expression. There’s a huge opportunity for shoe companies to serve consumers who are starved for less pain and more pizzazz below the ankle…”

This is exactly what we’ve created on with our formal footwear Comfort Collection® line. We aim to provide the consumer with shoes that seamlessly combine comfort, elegance, and, as mentioned, the ability to use this suite of products as a personal canvas giving the opportunity to realize personal tastes with our custom dye application.

The same Forbes Magazine article continues… “If we buy shoes that fit in the heel and are tight in the toes until they are broken in, they do more damage to our feet. On the other hand, if we buy shoes a size too large so that they are wide enough in the toes, the heel slips out, which can be annoying or even dangerous.”

Our products are available in many convenient shapes and sizes. If there’s no room on the shelves at your brick and mortar location, we can quickly ship out whatever your needs are from our warehouse.

Benjamin Walk is the leader in bridal, prom and evening footwear. We have been creating fashion footwear for every occasion since 1896 – the oldest operating bridal shoe and formal footwear distributor in the United States. We are continually looking to push the industry forward through innovation and a keen understanding of consumer trends – hence the launch of our Dyeables® suite of footwear. We’re loyal to taking care of your footwear needs.

Benjamin Walk: A Step Ahead.

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